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Go Drive a Ford in new Car Sharing Scheme

May 26 2015 21:21 | normal in News

Car sharing is very popular in busy cities across the world. Many inhabitants don't bother owning a car if the public transport is good, but every now and again, you still need a car.


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Doing a Factory Reset on Android Handsets is No...

May 23 2015 07:36 | normal in News

What to do with an old handset? Most people, especially on this site, either sell their old handsets, or give them to someone they know. Google and the manufacturers have told us to do factory resets before doing so, to make sure that your personal information is wiped from the phone, and your details are secure. Turns out, that's not quite true.


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What's new from Doro Primo range, a phone f...

May 22 2015 15:49 | jonmorris in News

We went along to London to hear about the latest developments from Doro, the phone that specialises in producing feature phones for senior citizens, and has also entered the smartphone arena. Now it has two new devices, including a phone designed exclusively for the blind.

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Watching 3D Films Make You Smarter

May 22 2015 07:50 | normal in News

I grew up with my parents telling me that watching TV and films rotted my brain, so we were particularly excited to hear scientists claim that watching 3D films can actually make you smarter!


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The £20 Smartphone is here!

May 22 2015 07:08 | normal in News

There's been a lot of talk about making smartphones more affordable in developing markets with offerings using Mozilla's Firefox OS and Google offering the Android One program, but did you ever think you'd benefit from it yourself whilst picking up some corn flakes?


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EE is the Worst Retailer in the UK

May 22 2015 06:54 | normal in News

Just a week after OFCOM revealed that it received the most complaints from EE customers, Which? has done a national retail survey which makes uncomfortable reading for EE.

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BuddyGuard SmartHome Alarm Kicks Off Fundraisin...

May 19 2015 06:46 | normal in News

A quick question, if your home is broken, do you A) Bemoan your luck or B) Start your security technology company and invent a new alarm system?


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Yamaha Launch New AV Receivers

May 19 2015 06:14 | normal in News

Yamaha have a fine pedigree in Hifi and AV Receivers, so we must admit to being more than a little interested to hear what 2015's range is like. Thankfully, we have all the details below.


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Alcatel Onetouch Watch Launches for just £99

May 15 2015 14:52 | normal in News

Currys / PC World seem to have snagged a bit of an exclusive. They'll be launching the the Alcatel Onetouch Watch in June for just £99. To put that in perspective, that's half the price of most other smart watches at launch and will work with both Android and iOS devices.

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