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Wire Money in the UK (soon) via Google Wallet

Jan 30 2015 07:48 | normal in News

There are so many options to wire people money these days. Whether it's via bank accounts, online services such as Paypal, traditional services like Western Union etc. Google has been offering a service to US users for a while, now UK users will soon be able to do the same.

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LG Makes Dots More Colourful

Dec 16 2014 12:17 | normal in News

Whilst LG is leading the push towards OLED TVs, they haven't forgotten about the humble LCD. LG today announced that they will be using Quantum Dot Technology on their upcoming 4K LCD TVs to improve colour reproduction.


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BT confirms it is in talks to buy EE

Dec 15 2014 22:25 | Stuclark in News

After weeks of speculation linking it with the acquisition of one of the UK's two biggest mobile carriers, BT has finally confirmed that EE will be the subject of its affection. The telecoms giant announced today that it has entered "exclusive negotiations" with a view to buying the Orange and Deutsche Telekom joint-venture for £12.5 billion. BT says the deal will allow it to "accelerate its existing mobility strategy" and re-enter the mobile market after it sold off O2 for £17.7 billion almost a decade ago.

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Wednesdays Won't Be Orange For Much Longer

Dec 12 2014 09:51 | normal in News

Orange Wednesdays must be one of the longest network promotions ever and inspired the other networks to make their own offerings. Sadly it is due to come to an end soon.


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Sony SmartWatch 3 Review

Dec 10 2014 07:40 | MadDog in Reviews

Android wear has been about for a while, and we are now on second generation watches, but should you go out and buy one?

We take a look at the Sony Smartwatch 3, Sony's first foray into Android wear. At IFA 2014 it was slated as being boring, but can it give those fancy round watches a run for their money? And more importantly, is it worth upgrading from Sony's previous watch, the SW2 which is still availalble, for a lot less money

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Sky Introduce New Super Value, Super Fast Broad...

Dec 09 2014 18:50 | normal in News

Sky have introduced a new limited download Fibre Broadband service to undercut BT.

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OFCOM Shows it Good and Bad Side in Annual Report

Dec 08 2014 13:56 | normal in News

Everyone loves an Annual don't they. I used to look forward to getting the Beano Annual every year for Christmas. OFCOM were obviously Dandy readers.

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Cambridge Audio Gives Your TV a Major Sound Upg...

Dec 02 2014 20:06 | normal in News

Audio specialists Cambridge Audio have released the TV5. It's a speaker base which provides a major boost to your TV's built in speakers without adding clutter to your room.

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Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?

Dec 01 2014 19:46 | normal in News

December is traditionally a slow month. People thinking about the forthcoming festivities, time with the family, mugging each other in the local supermarket to buy a knock off TV etc. Company offices are filled with tinsel, silly hats and hang overs, as well as photo copies taken for posterity ( ;) ) . Obviously something has gone wrong this year with corporate Britain and they've mixed two british past times, binge drinking and shopping, to create binge shopping...

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