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Canon's Christmas Cashback Offer

Oct 29 2014 10:40 | normal in News

Who wouldn't like a Canon camera for Christmas? I certainly would! ;)

Canon are offering up to £80 cashback on a selection of of cameras this Christmas, so you can buy someone a present they'll really like, and save money too.

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LG Makes Its First Mobile Processor

Oct 24 2014 21:06 | normal in News

It may come as a surprise to some, that although LG is one of the biggest mobile handset manufacturers in the world, it's always opted to buy it's processors from other companies (mostly Qualcomm). That's all about to change.

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Fling Photos to Your Sky+HD Box

Oct 22 2014 15:29 | normal in News

We all know the scene. You've had a great day out with friends and family, and you'd like to show of the pics you've taken. You can either all huddle round your phone, but it's a bit cramped, so you want to show them on your telly. Thing is, you always need some extra dongle or other stuck into your TV to do it. Sky have updated their Sky+ app now, so don't need one anymore.

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Has Your Android Device Got Worms?

Oct 22 2014 06:10 | normal in News

Mobile OS devices have been relatively free of malware, but as more and more people are using them as their main internet device, criminals are also starting to target them. As Android is the common OS, it's where they're starting. Mobile security company AdaptiveMobile claim to have uncovered a new threat for Android users. Obviously, we believe people here are smart enough not to fall for such a scam, but here's the info:


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Microsoft Smartwatch Imminent

Oct 21 2014 07:56 | normal in News

Forbes is reporting that Microsoft is expected to launch their own smartwatch within the next few weeks, and before the American holiday season.


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Sky Go Adds More Channels

Oct 20 2014 19:06 | normal in News

Everyone likes getting something for nothing right? Well Sky have announced that they're adding Channel 5, 5*, 5 USA, ITVBe and British Eurosport 2 to their Sky Go package, making it up to 70 channels.

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Pure Rob Ryan Edition of Evoke D2 Radio

Oct 20 2014 17:41 | normal in Reviews

Pure have been working with designer Rob Ryan to make an exclusive seasonal version of the classic Evoke D2. This model will be exclusive to John Lewis stores and Rob Ryan's London store. So what is it like?


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Philips Release Laser Guided Beard Trimmer

Oct 20 2014 09:52 | normal in Reviews

Philips have quite a pedigree in shavers and beard trimmers, but I was more than sceptical about their latest innovation in the BT9280 which is the World's first laser guided beard trimmer. So what is it like?

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ALCATEL ONETOUCH Release LTE Handset on a Budget

Oct 17 2014 20:55 | normal in News

ALCATEL ONETOUCH keep turning out affordable handsets. Their latest handset, the IDOL 2 MINI S doesn't win many prizes for catchy names but it might still interest some people with it's affordable LTE.


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