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Sales Up. Profits Down

Mar 02 2016 07:27 | normal in News

Market intelligence company GfK have given an overview of how mobile sales (not shipped) went for 2015. Fair to say, it makes for interesting reading....


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Arcam Launch New High End DAC

Feb 29 2016 12:04 | normal in News

Following the Bristol Show. Arcam has released a major update for it's award winning DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor). As well as having a major audio upgrade, it now also includes Bluetooth aptX streaming too. At £495, it's for the serious HiFi listener with a bit of spare change, but having owned previous generations of Arcam's DAC, we still look forward to using one.


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Gibson - Launch Trainer Bluetooth Earphones

Dec 03 2015 11:06 | normal in News

Gibson continues to expand out of it's traditional guitar market. This time, they've tied up with Usain Bolt to launch the Trainer Ti100 earphones, which are sufficiently different to be worth a look at.


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Cambridge Audio Launch New Wireless Speakers

Sep 29 2015 05:57 | normal in News

Cambridge Audio has a fine pedigree in home HiFi and home cinema, so it's definitely worth noting when they release two new wireless speakers.


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Parallels Launch Access 3.0

Aug 12 2015 06:48 | normal in News

You may remember that we spent some time reviewing Parallels Desktop and Access last year and were suitably impressed. Well, it's come to that time of year and they've upgraded their remote desktop programme.....


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Yamaha YSP-2500 Soundbar Review

Jul 27 2015 18:03 | normal in Reviews

TVs are getting thinner and thinner, and yet sound still has to come from somewhere. This means built in speakers are often disappointing and helps explain why soundbar speakers are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they living room / partner friendly, but also can add a great depth of sound to match the big pictures on modern televisions.

Yamaha was one of the pioneers in this field, and have a fine pedigree, so what is the YSP-2500 sound projector like?


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Philips HR1868 Juicer Review

Jul 20 2015 05:35 | normal in Reviews

For those who don't know, I love juicing. I have at least one large homemade fruit and vegetable juice every day. I was naturally excited to be able to review Philips latest generation of juicer. So what is it like?


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Yamaha Release New High End AV Receivers

Jun 15 2015 23:00 | normal in News

Following on from last month's launch of new affordable receivers, Yamaha is following it up with the launch of their new high end Aventage range, with prices starting at just £550.

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Sony Launch Two Class Leading Compact Cameras

Jun 11 2015 10:36 | normal in News

It's no secret that the digital compact camera is suffering a slow death as more and more people use their mobile phones to take snaps. It's fair to say that many top end mobiles can take better photos than the compact cameras they're replacing.

The top end of digital compacts do continue to prosper though, offering a combination of bigger sensors, better lenses and faster auto-focus which entice enthusiasts and professionals alike. That's why we're excited that Sony has launched two new RX series cameras.


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