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Dell UZ2715H UltraSharp 27" Monitor Review

Sep 13 2014 17:38 | normal in Reviews

The Dell UZ2715H UltraSharp monitor is one of Dell’s recently launched screens aimed at the business user. As well as the large 27” screen, it also offers a built in webcam and speakers, to keep the desk tidy, but what is it like?


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Panasonic Bring Back Name From the Dead!

Sep 09 2014 14:47 | normal in News

Those of a certain age may have fond memories of Hi-Fi company Technics which had once reported to have gone the way of the Dodo. Thankfully, the reports of Technics have been greatly exaggerated and in back in style!

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Nanoveu Create Glassless 3D Smartphone Displays

Sep 09 2014 05:24 | normal in News

Nanoveu are an interesting company from Singapore, they're able to transform your smartphone/tablet into a 3D display by just adding on a screen protector, and no need to wear glasses.

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Go Swimming And Listen to Music

Sep 09 2014 05:11 | normal in News

NYNE are a Californian audio company that haven't made a splash in our minds to date. That may well change soon with their Aqua Speakers.

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Harman Release A Lot of Stuff

Sep 05 2014 19:35 | normal in News

Harman is a huge company. It covers brands such as JBL, AKG, Lexicon and of course Harmon Kardon. It also supplies a lot of audio knowledge in strategic partnerships with companies such as LG, HTC and most of the premium car industry. This week, they focussed primarily on portable audio, and launched over 50 products!

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We Spend Some Time with LG

Sep 05 2014 15:10 | normal in News

We spent some quality time with LG's press team and also James Marshall, LG European Head of Product Marketing of Mobile Communications, and gained some useful insights into what's coming.

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Dyson Launch Robot Cleaner After 16 Years

Sep 05 2014 11:19 | normal in News

Dyson have a habit of pioneering in the domestic appliance market, and yet they're certainly not the first company to release a robot vacuum cleaner. Dyson has started developing this last century, but it's taken them million of pounds and a huge research team to finally come out with a product.They may not be first, but they hope to be best.

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Toshiba Show Us The Future

Sep 05 2014 04:39 | normal in News

We spent some time with Toshiba and they they showed us some new upcoming laptops and televisions, as well as some rather interesting concepts which they're toying with.

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Lenovo Still Don't Sell Phones in Western M...

Sep 04 2014 21:13 | normal in News

Lenovo is an unusual Chinese company. It's been quietly, and successfully, going about it's business and making stuff that people buy. It's not a budget company, and in fact it's the number one seller of PCs in the world. What's more astounding is that it's the fourth largest seller of mobiles in the world, and yet in only sells in the emerging markets. 36 countries to be precise. :)

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