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LG Create Televisual 'Art'

Sep 02 2014 08:14 | normal in News

Much has been made of product designs over the past few years, and the likes of Jonny Ive becoming celebrities. LG will be showing off their latest creation at IFA this week

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Phones4U in Deep DooDoo

Sep 02 2014 07:15 | normal in News

Phones4U may not be everyone's favourite high street mobile retailer, but it does help everyone in one sense, by providing competition to the likes of Dixons Carphone (Currys & Carphone Warehouse mashup). It does sound however that the company is in deep trouble though

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Wifi Protected Security - Not So Protected / Se...

Sep 01 2014 06:43 | normal in News

A researcher has exposed a security flaw used in Broadcom's (and A N Other manufacturer's) wifi chipsets used in routers / modems.

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Intel Has Big Plans For Little Modem

Aug 29 2014 01:59 | normal in News

If you're fed up hearing about the 'Internet of Things' then you're going to be in for a bad time. Intel is making a serious bid to get everything connected, whether you want it or not.

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IFA 2014 Preview

Aug 29 2014 00:11 | normal in News

IFA in Berlin is fast becoming a major event for nearly all consumer electronics manufacturers. It used to be seen as the poor relative to CES in Las Vegas, but companies have adopted it as an extra opportunity to launch new products in time for the Christmas season, whilst CES products don't traditionally launch until the spring.

With that in mind, we're off to Berlin, and this is in fact being written in the middle of the night at an airport departure lounge. So, why are we going, and what are we expecting to see?

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HTC Provide Affordable 4G Smartphone

Aug 27 2014 06:00 | normal in News

4G / LTE is starting to gain momentum in the UK, and is becoming increasingly prevalent in even the most affordable of new handsets. With that in mind, HTC have launched the Desire 510.

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The OnePlus One Review

Aug 21 2014 08:49 | normal in Reviews

Most people have probably never heard of OnePlus. Its founder is an ex-Oppo executive called Peter Lau. The company’s ownership and relationship with Oppo is unclear, but this Chinese company has a lot of ambition, and its motto ‘Never Settle’ reflects that. The One is their first handset and has been making ripples. Partly because of its price (£229 for 16GB and an astounding £269 for the 64GB version), and also because of the difficulty in actually getting hold of the handset.

OnePlus has an unusual sales channel in that it’s by invitation only, and the only thing harder than getting an invitation is getting any form of response from the company’s press team. Getting back to the handset though, what is it like?

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Microsoft Launch the (Nokia) Lumia 530

Aug 19 2014 19:36 | normal in News

Microsoft are continuing the charge in the budget smartphone market with the new Lumia 530. Due for release on 4th September through all the usual networks and high street chains for £60.

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Asus launch the ZenFone 4, 5, & 6

Aug 14 2014 22:25 | Stuclark in News

Tonight in London Asus revealed to us their "back to school" range of Windows, Android & Chrome tablets and laptops (most of them already avilable) and launched their latest range of ZenFone mobile phones - the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5, & ZenFone 6.

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