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Jolla announce the Jolla Tablet - seek crowd fu...

Nov 19 2014 10:40 | Stuclark in News

Today Jolla announced the Jolla Tablet, a Sailfish OS 2.0 device which they are pitching as the world's first crowdsourced tablet device.

The device promises a 7.85 inch screen, along with 2GB RAM; 32GB ROM; a quad-core intel CPU and the usual micro-SD, WiFi, GPS and 5MP camera.

Read on for the full specificsations and the Jolla press release.

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Yamaha A-S201 Stereo Amplifier Review

Nov 16 2014 14:38 | normal in Reviews

Stereo amplifiers may not be in fashion like they once were thanks to the abundance of AV amplifiers, but they’re still vitally important for people more interested in HiFi music, rather than surround sound and picture scaling.

The A-S201 is Yamaha’s entry level stereo amplifier, and cuts quite a dash, but what is it like?


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BT Infinity is Not Fibre Optic!

Nov 12 2014 13:26 | normal in News

A couple of people made a complaint that BT's Infinity Fibre Optic Broadband is in fact not Fibre Optic at all. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) agrees.


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LG release Android 5 (Lollipop) for the G3

Nov 11 2014 21:02 | Stuclark in News

In what some might think an unusual move, LG have become the first major handset manufacturer to release a Lollipop upgrade for one of their existing phone models.

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Lumia 830 review

Nov 11 2014 20:55 | Stuclark in Reviews

The Nokia Microsoft Lumia 830 is a 5.0 inch screen Windows phone 8.1 handset aimed squarely at the middle of the Windows phone market. It is one of the increasingly common not-quite-flagship-but-ultimately-capable Lumia handsets which comes in at a quite reasonable SIM free price of just under £300 (£279 PAYG on EE). The big question though is should you buy it?

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Jawbone's New Smartwear Moves it Up

Nov 05 2014 22:00 | normal in News

Jawbone were one of the first movers in the health smartwear market. There's been a lot of new devices coming out recently to compete with the UP, but Jawbone are not about to roll over, and have release some new gear.

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Arcam Launch Sound Bar and Sub

Nov 04 2014 18:15 | normal in News

We'll be honest. We tend not to get that excited when a company releases another sound bar. We do like sound bars, but, to be honest, most sound sub par. We are however excited to hear that Arcam have launched the Solo Bar and Solo sub, with great claims, which we hope match their other products.

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ASUS Launches New Partnership with Currys PC World

Nov 04 2014 18:02 | normal in News

ASUS computers are well known and recognised, but ASUS mobile sales have been pretty small in the UK so far, so it's good to hear that they now have a major new partner to help them promote their mobile handsets.

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Logitech +drive & +trip Review

Nov 02 2014 15:05 | normal in Reviews

Logitech has released the +drive and +trip mobile phone car mounts. So what are they like?


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