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Mobile & Gadget will be offline from 6th - 7th July 2015

Due to some substantial electrical power infrastrusture work taking place at the site where Mobile and Gadget is hosted, the whole Mobile and Gadget website (and associated email) will be offline during Monday 6th July & Tuesday 7th July 2015.

I expect the outage to start early on Monday 6th July (at roughly 6 am) and for service to be resumed at about mid-day on Tuesday 7th July. At the moment I am afraid I can't be any more precise about these timings as final details are still being worked out to minimise disruption as far as possible.

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Yamaha Release New High End AV Receivers

Jun 15 2015 23:00 | normal in News

Following on from last month's launch of new affordable receivers, Yamaha is following it up with the launch of their new high end Aventage range, with prices starting at just £550.

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Sony Launch Two Class Leading Compact Cameras

Jun 11 2015 10:36 | normal in News

It's no secret that the digital compact camera is suffering a slow death as more and more people use their mobile phones to take snaps. It's fair to say that many top end mobiles can take better photos than the compact cameras they're replacing.

The top end of digital compacts do continue to prosper though, offering a combination of bigger sensors, better lenses and faster auto-focus which entice enthusiasts and professionals alike. That's why we're excited that Sony has launched two new RX series cameras.


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Yamaha Launch Two New Soundbars

Jun 10 2015 23:13 | normal in News

Yamaha were pioneers in creating the Soundbar long before they became a must have for many flat screen TV owners. Using that heritage, and dominance at the top end of the market, Yamaha have launched two new affordable soundbars.


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Tado Introduces Cooling to the Smart Home

Jun 05 2015 15:10 | normal in News

There's a lot of talk about smart homes and controlling your heating, but little mention of cooling. Given summer's (finally) coming, Tado have made a timely announcement about launching the first device to make any air conditioning smart.


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Dell Launches New Micro Desktop

Jun 02 2015 16:04 | normal in News

There used to be a time when having a computer in you pocket was a euphemism for a mobile phone. These days you really can have pocket size desktop computers which fit in your pocket.


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Jun 01 2015 05:37 | normal in News

In February of this year, BQ, the European technology company, launched the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, the world´s first smartphone featuring the Ubuntu operating system.

This latest model, the Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition, marks the second handset collaboration between Canonical and BQ; now working together on the launch of a convergent device.


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Go Drive a Ford in new Car Sharing Scheme

May 26 2015 21:21 | normal in News

Car sharing is very popular in busy cities across the world. Many inhabitants don't bother owning a car if the public transport is good, but every now and again, you still need a car.


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Doing a Factory Reset on Android Handsets is No...

May 23 2015 07:36 | normal in News

What to do with an old handset? Most people, especially on this site, either sell their old handsets, or give them to someone they know. Google and the manufacturers have told us to do factory resets before doing so, to make sure that your personal information is wiped from the phone, and your details are secure. Turns out, that's not quite true.


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What's new from Doro Primo range, a phone f...

May 22 2015 15:49 | jonmorris in News

We went along to London to hear about the latest developments from Doro, the phone that specialises in producing feature phones for senior citizens, and has also entered the smartphone arena. Now it has two new devices, including a phone designed exclusively for the blind.

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