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Microsoft Launch the (Nokia) Lumia 530

Aug 19 2014 19:36 | normal in News

Microsoft are continuing the charge in the budget smartphone market with the new Lumia 530. Due for release on 4th September through all the usual networks and high street chains for £60.

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Asus launch the ZenFone 4, 5, & 6

Aug 14 2014 22:25 | Stuclark in News

Tonight in London Asus revealed to us their "back to school" range of Windows, Android & Chrome tablets and laptops (most of them already avilable) and launched their latest range of ZenFone mobile phones - the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5, & ZenFone 6.

We'll be covering the Windows, Android & Chrome Transformer Pads, tablets & laptops in future articles, but for now we're concentrating on the new ZenFone range, which, unlike some other manufacturers, will be available very soon indeed.

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Ultimate Ears Boom Portable Speaker Review

Aug 13 2014 18:28 | normal in Reviews

Portable speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the pocketable, to the lets be honest, not so portable. They also vary wildly in price and quality. The new Ultimate Ears Boom comes in somewhere towards the higher end of the market, being both portable (18cm tall and 538g) and well built, but what is it like?

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New USB Socket That Won't Break Your Phone...

Aug 13 2014 17:55 | normal in News

Tech companies vie for our attention all the time with new shiny stuff, but the biggest news of the day is that a new USB standard has been agreed!

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Carphone Warehouse and Three to Create New MVNO?

Jul 17 2014 07:16 | normal in News

Following on from CPW and Dixon's proposed merger, there's now chatter that CPW may create a new MVNO with Three.

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LG Launch Mid-Range 10" Tablet

Jul 08 2014 07:27 | normal in News

LG have been more restrained than some companies in producing a range of tablets. It's now launched the the LG Pad 10.1, which is aimed a a mid-range 10.1" tablet with a 1280 x 800 screen.

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Ultimate Ears in Red Bull F1 Tie-UP

Jun 27 2014 11:24 | normal in News

Ultimate Ears, manufacturer of headphones, in-ear monitors and speakers owned by Logitech is now in partnership with current F1 champion Infiniti Red Bull Racing in a long term relationship that both parties feel relicts the technical and creative aspects of their respective brands. Forum member, and staff writer Winterman was able to visit Red Bull's factory and get a closer look at the collaboration.

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Want to Leave Vodafone Contract? - Now You Can

Jun 27 2014 09:26 | normal in News

Sometimes you're in the middle of a contract and just want to leave since you've moved and the signal is no longer as good as it used to be, or you've seen a tempting new contract, but you're in the middle of a long contract and can't leave. Vodafone users now have a chance.

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LG to Launch First Curved OLED Screens in UK

Jun 26 2014 21:21 | normal in News

In the constant battle of the firsts between the Korean giants, LG will be the first to launch a curved OLED screen in the UK this October.

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