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Sony Launch New Cinematic Soundbars

Mar 16 2015 10:46 | normal in News

TVs are becoming thinner and thinner, this also means that speakers, and their sound are also becoming thinner and thinner. Soundbars are becoming more and more popular to compensate and to fill you living room with a decent cinematic sound to match the cinematic pictures.


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Nokia Maps for iOS is Finally HERE

Mar 12 2015 05:13 | normal in News

After last year's false start, Nokia has finally released a new, much improved version of their HERE maps for iOS.


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Optoma GT1080 Projector Review

Mar 08 2015 14:56 | normal in Reviews

Home cinema projectors are great as they can give you really big images and truly make your home like a cinema, but one of the key issues is that you also need lots of space to create the image, and that rules out such a set up for most people’s living rooms.

We’ve spent some time with Optoma’s GT1080 short throw projector, which reduces the amount of space needed and is being aimed at gamers. So what is it like?


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Samsung Wins Most Attention at MWC

Mar 06 2015 11:15 | normal in News

The Mobile World Congress is over for another year, and now begins the post show analysis. Research company Amobee have announced their findings.


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Aircharge - An App That Helps You Find Wireless...

Mar 03 2015 09:38 | normal in News

Qi Wireless charging has become a major feature over the last 12 months, and with the Samsung Galaxy S6 now also including it, it's now a major feature. Problem is, unless you're carrying around your wireless charger (kind of self defeating), where will you find the nearest charge point to top up your phone?


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OAXIS Create Second Screen For Your iPhone

Mar 03 2015 09:28 | normal in News

E-ink is making a bit of a splash this year, offering low power second screen displays to compliment the every bigger, brighter, more power hungry main displays on mobile devices. There seems to be quite a boom in them, and the OAXIS InkCasei6 caught our eye as an elegant solution for iPhone 6 users and the Inkcase Plus for Android users


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Unlock Your ZTE Grand 3 With Your Eyes

Mar 03 2015 09:10 | normal in News

Facial recognition proved to be a bit of a false start in securing mobile phones. Biometric finger print technology has made things more secure, and now ZTE has partnered with EyeVerify to make it possible to unlock your phone using biometric eye scans.


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Ford Get a Handle On Mobility

Mar 03 2015 08:45 | normal in News

Often car companies can be accused of not really thinking much beyond they're world, but Ford has launched Handle on Mobility. It's looking at the bigger picture of transport in cities and trying to ease the journey of commuters and also couriers / repair people etc.


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Silent Circle Are Back With More Blackphones

Mar 03 2015 08:19 | normal in News

Silent Circle made a bit of a splash at last year's MWC with the Blackphone. It was the first smartphone dedicated to maintaining privacy. A year and a few Snowden revelations later, Silent Circle have launched two new devices and a new service aimed at businesses.


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